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Fuzhou Heva Shoes CO., Ltd. Is a professional integrated footwear company.Our team are bold enough for new creations, dreams, and fight .Our company is devoted to innovations and ensured the quality of our products .Providing competitive price and high quality delivery efficiency 

We adhere our brand principle of comfort, fashion, and elegance in product design .Our products covers a wide range.Including EVA injection slippers , garden shoes, PE flip flops, beach slippers, jelly shoes, aqua shoes, injection shoes, indoor slippers, casual shoes, craft shoes , sneakers and so on. We have exclusive patents of designs and decent experience in shoes making technology.currently owning 22 footwear patents.

We keep our eyes on the international arena.Continuously introduce popular and novel styles And meanwhile ensure the quality and sustainability of products. We have maintained a stable cooperation with many international brands and malls for a long time .Our products are favored and trusted by customers in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and other parts of the world. 

The company is headquartered in the central business hub of Gulou District, Fuzhou city A location that contains unique advantages in rich resources and convenient traffics. 

The company has quality control divisions and Product R&D centers in Fuzhou, Jinjiang, Putian, Zhejiang, Yangzhou, and Guangdong. In addition, we are passionate to guarantee the legal rights and profits of our employees.With a just, fair, and transparent system of promotion. Five social insurance and one housing fund, paid annual leave, statutory holidays and birthday fees, and team travel. We provide employees with diversified and humanized services allowing employees to perform their full potential by providing a platform for career development And creating a harmonious and progressive corporate culture 

Through trials and hardship, we continue our diligence. 

Fuzhou Heva Shoes Co., Ltd Committed to providing customers with first class service and products since its establishment in 2004. We will never forget our original principle, that company and employees seek common growth and development. We will break through the past, and forge ahead into the future to create greater glories. 

Through the diligent work of our team ,Just to create comfortable and fashionable footwear for our customers 

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